My Idol

Growing up as a kid I always looked up to Lebron James he was and still is my favorite basketball player ever. Lebron James was the man in high school so for me being in elementary school I wanted to be the same way when I enter high school, so I worked hard on my game everyday I did everything I seen Lebron do on tv and on . Lebron James taught me that you don’t need a Father figure in your life to succeed him growing up without his father and me growing up without mines, and we both have strong mothers Lebron motivated me. Although, I couldn’t be 6foot8 like my idol I still have a heart like I am his height only standing at 6feet tall. Lebron James went to a prep school I went to a prep school I wanted to make an impact in the prep world like Lebron did. I think one of the most important reasons why I like Lebron James is because we act the same because we both Capricorns. When I was growing up no one could tell me anything bad about Lebron James I would literally get mad like they talking about me. If you are a true Lebron fan you know you went through him not winning a championship just as much as he did. People would talk all day to your face when Lebron didn’t do good I just took it as they mad because he is great and that he has been bless with raw talent. Lebron James is the best player to ever play in the When I say that Lebron is my idol I mean I look up to him but one day I strive to be better than Lebron James is today with hard work.


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