The Love for Music

When, I listen to music it calms my nerves down however I am feeling at the moment I know what type of music to play. I play when I am sad and missing my ex-girlfriend. This song helps me get over our break-up and this song also set my mind at ease. Music also helps me when I play ball I listen to certain songs before I play a game it takes all the butterfly I had before a game. use to help me before a game this song just help me concord everything a person who doesn’t believe in me said I couldn’t do. My love for music help me throughout my life through the good, bad, and sad times.  As I was looking up the term music on i seen where it said music is an art that expresses ideas and emotions. Gospel music always help me when I am studying for a test or when I just want to humble myself and fellowship with the Lord for that hour. I always say to myself what would this world be without music? How would some of us get through a day or a situation without playing a rhythm that can relate to us? The love I have for music help me expand my mind now I been writing music since I was 12years old and still write it from time to time when I am bored or when a tune comes to my head. I love rap music but when it comes down I love R&B the best, I just like to hear people sing their hearts out and express their pain through music


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