The Crossings @ Santa Fe

I stay at The Crossings @ Santa Fe ( and i hate staying here. It is nothing to do here the security guards always calling the police whenever we try to have fun and that is very ignoring. I think that i am in prison everyday i wake up i feel like somebody is running my life and telling me what to do. They tell us to be in the house before 9 my parents didn’t even tell me to come in the house that early and i didn’t pay no bills at my mom house, but i pay rent here and they tell me when to come in the house.I am not going to say everything is bad because i know everyone out here and they enjoy my company so that is the best part about being out here. Lately it has been good though they been cooking for us and having pool events for us lately. The Crossings might not be as good as they make it seem but it is not that bad it have it good days and it have its bad days. My friends and me bonds are really close though we do a lot together like have cookouts, water balloon fights, and play basketball. The 3-3 apartments are very nice in the inside and they are a reasonable price of $400 dollars. The crossings always help me though when it comes to printing my papers or projects they never charge me for paper they always give me a lot for free and i thank them for that Last year at the crossings was better than this year it was like everyone was mature but this year it is a lot of drama and fresh out of high school kids so you know that means a lot of fights and arguments.


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