Bring back that title

I really want the Gators to win the national championship, so we can party hard in mid town and on university. I never experience a parade for one of my favorite teams in person and i would like to experience this one. The gators winning don’t just mean party party but it means we added another banner in the As you can see i really like the Gators because i believe in previous blog posts i talked about them and how i thought they was gone go all the way and here they are in the final four. Also, i want them to win because one of the players is from Jacksonville and i am from Jacksonville and i like to see people from my city succeed in life. Them bringing the title back with mean a lot to them, their parents, fans,and friends and also the city of Gainesville. I want them to bring home the championship so the city can be happy and fun because at times it be boring here its too slow here so if they win it that would bring a little excitement to the city. I want them to bring back the championship because for the last couple of years we was so close but never got it done. All year long people was counting them out and thought that Kentucky was the best team in the SEC but UF won the SEC championship and was the first team in history to go 19-0 in the SEC and win it. I want them to bring the title back because I feel like they deserve it them boys work hard as a team they don’t have a one man star but they play as a team and i like to see things like that,So Gators lets bring it back home!!!!!!.


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